Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Britons give Disaster Emergency Committee £60 million

Tsunami Earthquake Appeal

The British public have given and are giving until it hurts - the Diaster Emergency Committee(DEC) have said that the current total amounts to £60 million - it is unprecedented and speaks volumes of the compassion and generosity of the people of the United Kingdom.

YOU can donate to the Disaster Emergency Committee appeal by calling 0870 606 0900 or logging on to the website www.dec.org.uk.

Donations can also be made online to individual charities. You can use banks to give cash or cheques, payable to the DEC Tsunami Earthquake Appeal. Or donate cash or cheques, payable to Post Office Ltd, at Post Offices in the UK.

A special "999" PO Box has been set up by Royal Mail to speed donations. Post cheques, payable to the DEC Tsunami Earthquake Appeal, to PO Box 999, LONDON, EC3A 3AA.

You can also give cash or gifts at Oxfam shops in the UK.

DEC represents charities including ActionAid, British Red Cross, Cafod, Care International, Christian Aid, Concern, Merlin, Oxfam, Save the Children, Tearfund and World Vision. These charities are already working in Sri Lanka.

Watch the DEC video online:



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