Thursday, August 04, 2005


Desmond de Silva, the top Sri Lankan musician now resident in London flies down to Colombo on Sri Lankan Airlines to headline a star studded concert at the BMICH paying tribute to Vijaya Corea who clebrates 40 years as a showbiz personality. Desmond de Silva joins a line up which includes Alston Koch who flies down from Australia, Mignonne Fernando of Jetliners fame and others.

Also in the audience will be the Sri Lankan star Nimal Mendis - Nimal will sing one of his greatest hits 'Master Sir' at the BMICH Concert. Young, dynamic and vibrant, the voice of the inimitable Vijaya Corea was heard to adorn the airwaves through the only electronic medium in this country at that time - the Commercial Service of Radio Ceylon. Little did he know then that he would climax his career as Director General of the same radio station which later became the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation.

Vijaya Corea became a household name. No big show or dance ever went on the boards without him as Master of Ceremonies. His tall personality and the mellifluous flow of words that poured out with a spontaneity linked to his command of the English Language brought him much admiration. Twelve years down the line, in July 1976 when Sri Lanka hosted the 5th Non-aligned Summit Conference, in Association with Yugoslav Radio and Television, he was at the helm of the first ever television transmission in Sri Lanka.

Three more years down the line in September 1979 when Air Ceylon? switched to Air Lanka, Vijaya was the first to enunciate a 'Taste of paradise' during the promotional campaigns that were conducted in Europe and Southeast Asia. To add to his multi talented character, he has adorned the silver screen on many occasions.

He will, in fact, be seen in Udayakantha Warnasuriya's Hiri Poda Wessa which is due to be released in the latter part of this year.

Vijaya Corea has been a staunch supporter of the Autism Awareness Campaign in Sri Lanka. He has strived to raise awareness of autism both in Sri Lanka and as well on the international field.